Sunday, January 25, 2009

Drum Skirt

The picture shows my drum, not the drum stand the skirt is made for, so the fit looks kind of bad. The band is very stretchy, though, and would probably accomodate several drum sizes. I should note here that I'd never heard of a drum skirt and couldn't find a picture of one, so all I had to go on was the rough sketch my friend verbally outlined. He hasn't seen it yet, so I can only guess it's close to what he wanted. If the name confuses you, yes I'm both Keiyla and Katla. *grin*

Katla's Drum Skirt:

Materials needed:

Trellis or laddered yarn (1 skein)
10.5 US needles (Straights)
Crochet hook (to make fringe-adding process easier)
Tapestry needle
I-cord machine, ribbon, or a whole lot of patience

Finished measurements-

30" X 2" band
60" total length, including 16" ties
22" height, including band

Step 1:

Cast on 12 st. Knit every row (garter st) until band is desired size. Bind off loosely.

Note- You want the band to have enough negative ease that it won't fall off the drum! My band is 32" long for a 36" circumference drum (not pictured.) The large size needles means the band will be quite stretchy.

Step 2: Cut lengths of yarn twice as long as drum, one length for every other row of garter, or however many you'd like. Mine were 40" long. Fold these lengths in half.

Step 3: At the bottom of your band, RS facing, slide a crochet hook in back of first st in the corner, left side, then out the front again. Hook your length of yarn in the middle, and pull a few inches through. With the hook still in the hole you've created in your length of yarn, hook the main body of the yarn and pull through the hole. Drop hook, and pull the length, which will tighten the "knot."

Repeat around the bottom of the band. I placed mine at the edge of every other row.

When all are attached, lay the skirt on a flat surface and trim edges. I hung mine so the edges I wanted to cut were off the edge of a table, and all I had to do was trim the excess!

Step 4: Make four lengths of I-cord for ties, leaving the tails on one side of each cord. Using the tails and a tapestry needle, securely fasten the cords to the top and middle of each end of the band. There will be no bottom tie.

Step 5: Tie your new drum skirt around a drum, and watch the pretty patterns as the fringe "dances" to the rhythym!

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