Friday, November 19, 2010

Covert art sneak peek- exclusive!

We're getting closer and closer to publication, and I've got some exciting pictures to share! Check out this cover art, and click the title link to see the publisher's blog!

Pirates and ABCs

Do you like pirates? Are you trying to get your pirate-crazy child to want to read? Are you a parent looking for an intelligent children's picture book that doesn't talk down to children? Perhaps you're simply tired of the saccharin-sweet offerings typical of children's educational literature?

If the answer to any of the above is "yes," you'll want to bookmark this blog!

Very soon, Black Kraken Books will be publishing my new book, "Letters of Marque: ABCs for the Savvy Scalawag." This 32-page, fully illustrated book is filled with delightful pictures, snappy rhymes, vivid colors, and an engaging hunt for hidden letters. Both parents and children will love this intelligent, nautically-themed paperback.

From Anchor to Yarrr!, small swashbucklers are offered an alternative to the standard "A: Apple" boredom.

"Letters of Marque" is coming soon, so stay tuned for previews, reviews, sneak peeks, and even your choice between secure E-store and Amazon links for purchasing!