Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blankets of Belief

This is going to read more like a recruitment post than a blog. Ah, well, it can't be helped. Next post should be about the blanket with pictures =)

The Soldiers' Angels have launched their 2009/2010 "Blankets of Belief" drive:

Our goal is to send 180,000 HOMEMADE BLANKETS
made with “love and belief in you”
to our service members spending another holiday in the warzones.

Read that again... 180,000 blankets. Holy cow. That's a lot of blankets! And not a one of them knit or crocheted (fiber arts blankets go to vets). No-sew fleece or quilts only! Yikes! Well, I don't quilt, and my sewing is pathetic, but I'm intrigued by this "no sew" idea. Like I don't have enough projects already, I know, but come on. I have like four months to do this. Plenty of time... right? Shoot, I might even learn how to quilt. (Insert maniacal laughter here.)

For anyone interested, the links are at the top of this post, or the Soldiers' Angels link is on the left there. (But, you know, not under "links" because Blogger's "easy links" thing confuses me.) Please note there are over 1,000 soldiers still waiting to be adopted, too, so if blankets aren't your thing, maybe you'd be interested in writing a letter a week to one of our deployed heroes?

May no soldier go unloved
Until they all come home...

(Oh, and if you were interested in my Sock Wars progress? I "got killed" the first week.)