Saturday, February 10, 2007

Baby goods

Crocheting (or knitting) baby things is near the top of my list of favorite items to create. So sweet and cute and soft! The probability of having my own babies, however, dwindles by the nanosecond, so I'm thrilled to pieces when I know people who are epxecting. I can dump all my efforts on them!

KS took this picture of the items I sent to him, his wife, and his daughter-to-be. It makes me smile that he liked my gifts so much that he would take the time to photo and post pictures. Very thoughtful of him!


Lauren said...

I love the onesie pattern - does it have snaps/velcro at the bottom?

(and where can I get it?)

Keiyla said...

The pattern for the onesie is from "Simple Crochet for Cherished Babies" by Jane Davis, which I found at Barnes & Noble. The pattern calls for snaps, or a strip of snaps, to be sewn in.

I cheated, and sewed in velcro.