Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ready for New Years?

Christmas has passed, and the New Year looms ahead. Resolutions? Oh yes.

I could wax eloquent about the break up, but really, there is nothing more to be said. I'm actually quite lucky, when all is tallied- as you will read further on.

And today, I have pictures! I finished my dad's grey Christmas socks before the holiday, and here is the proof. These were knit with a cast on of only 44 stitches, ribbed for an inch and a half, then knitted the rest of the way. The yarn is the softest I have ever felt: brushed baby alpaca wool.

I also give you pictures of the tree at my cousin's house. Those are the combined gifts of my extended family: my parents, brother and I, my aunt and uncle, and my cousin and her boyfriend. It may look obscene-- at least, that's what we exclaim every year-- but the gifts themselves are usually of small value, and may be for humor as easily as to be pleasing.

For example, soap, candy, candles, a tape measure to replace one that a daughter had accidently broken the past summer *cough*, tree ornaments, kitchen towels, and key chains were all part of the ensemble. It took us three hours to unwrap, because we do it one at a time, so we can see what everyone got.

I've always been taught that we're supposed to be secretive about giving to charity. But, well, I feel a bit defensive about the presents under that there tree. So, lest anyone think we're typically greedy and selfish, spoiled Americans, I would also point out that we donate a great deal. Food for Families, Toys for Tots, Standford Home for Children, WEAVE, Doctors Without Borders, Heifer International, the Linus Project, Project Helmetliner, and The Ships Project were my personal charities of choice this year.

Believe me, I am well aware of my good fortune and the blessings of my health and safety. I am truly grateful to my friends and family, for allowing me to be a part of such loving lives.

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