Saturday, October 21, 2006

WIP: Fechak's Ripple

This Work in Progress is the green and blue monstrosity that has been mentioned elsewhere. It was begun in March of 2006, in this post. It is currently around 40 inches long, and about 120" wide. I began with 25 skeins of Homespun, and I think I'm right about on track with it. Recipient, like every guy I've ever heard of when defining the crochet item in his head, requests "no holes, thick, soft." I think they just mean "no granny squares," but I wasn't taking any chances. It's single crochet, though, the most boring and tedious stitch to use. Each row takes so long, that I'm sure it would interest scientists studying quantum mechanics and the space-time continuum. Every color takes an Age of Men.

I am determined he will receive this before the end of the winter.

THIS winter.


drainpip said...

Is this the one that's 1/4 complete? Good freaking lord, I'm going to be able to cover up a whole orgy of people... now... to find an orgy of people...

Anonymous said...

Instead of letting Fechak have it, is it ok if I just take it instead? kthxbye

Lauren said...

that's gorgeous! I love the colors. I have some homespun that I was knitting, and it kept making me want to rip out my hair - stupid splitty threads! maybe I should try crocheting it.

that worked and solved my problem with the suede/fuzzy yarn.