Saturday, October 21, 2006

WIP: Aran

This is a photo of my half-complete Aran folded over, and a photo detail of the stitches. I like working on it; I really do. For small amounts of time. It's not boring, because each row, just about, is different. When it's finished, it will be an heirloom. Assuming it gets finished.

The pattern is from Herrschners, Inc, "Fisherman Afghan #3079," and I'm using Lion Brands "Pound of Love" worsted weight in color 99, Antique White. I pray the two pounds I have left will be enough. You see, I started with 5 pounds. Calculating I am halfway through, that would be more than slightly worrisome. However, I recall very disctinctly that I swiped some yarn from a new skein, telling mysel I had too much. What I can't rememebr is how much I used, or where the extra of that skein went.

Cross your fingers for me!

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