Sunday, March 15, 2009

Prtty, Pretty Princess

The story of this is, when my friend Amy had her second baby, I made a little cloak and cape for her then-18 month daughter, so she wouldn’t feel left out when everybody was buying things for the new baby. Apparently, Allex LOVES her cape and crown, but now, with a third baby on the way and a ripe old age of 3, the cape is WAY too small (8” long? Seriously?) So I asked what color she’d like her new cape in, and the answer was a resounding, “PINK!”

Funny thing. I always wondered why people crocheted and knitted perfectly lovely patterns in odd colors. A camo hat in pink? Thinks I… well, now I know why.

Ok, then, if the girl wants pink, the girl gets pink. The border “fur” was sort of challenging, until I remembered a long-forgotten stash of pink eyelash yarn that had come with a kid’s knitting machine I picked up at a sale at Michael’s yea these many moons ago. At the time, I thought to myself, “Hot pink eyelash yarn with silver sparkles? No way am I ever going to need that. When hell freezes over, maybe. And I’m not too sure about then, either.”

Lo and behold, my friends. Apparently the devil needs snowshoes. One hot-pink, sparkly fur border, coming up.

At a whopping 24” long, it should be big enough to last awhile, and the crown is darn-near adult sized, so I’m hoping that will take a bit to grow out of, too. I don’t think I could take much more pink crocheting, and I’m not sure her mother could, either. I admire the woman’s stoicism in the face of such an enemy.

Couple of notes on changes: Had to modify the sizes, which was a bit more challenging than most patterns since the designer didn’t see fit to include gauge or hook size for the original in the first place. Nice, huh? After several attempts, including one cape which fit me rather cunningly, I think I finally got it.

Also, I added some little shiny plastic sequins as jewels for the crown with a daub of pink fabric paint.

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Amy said...

haha i'm vomiting, but she'll never take it off!!! <3 you so much for making her a new one!!