Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gifted Garment Curse, Part Deux

Apparently, the garment curse holds true even if the item is nothing more than a simple Christmas stocking.

That shouldn't count. Seriously.

Who's in charge up there, anyway? Loki? Murphy? Coyote? I demand a re-roll.


Celera said...

Oh nooooo!

I didn't know you were seeing someone but I'm sorry to hear it didn't survive the Christmas gift.

You made lovely blankets for me and Fech, and we both still love you! Maybe you just have to give up on knitting as part of your romantic relationships.

Drop me an email or phone call anytime if you want to talk...

Keiyla said...

If they truly love me, they'll love even my knitting. I guess I'm just weeding out the ones unworthy of wool. =)

Sorrow said...

now I get it.
sad to deserve better.