Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Updated To Do list

X: Helmetliner (as shown in button on the sidebar) - knit
X: One pair Olive socks for my sailor- knit
X: One pair super soft socks for Dad's BD in November- knit
X: Green ripple monstrosity thing -crochet
XX: Rainbow triple crochet baby blanket, about 6 inches -crochet
X: Baby blanket for Amy's forethcoming boychild.
X: Dishcloth(s) for Christmas presents.
To do: Aran afghan, exactly half complete - crochet
To do: Socks -knit
To do: Jayne hat

Hey, the list is looking pretty good! The double XX's on the baby ripple don't mean I finished that one, though. It means I've looked at it and saw how little I've done, and noticed there are several major problems with it back on rows 3 and 5. I'm planning on ripping the whole thing out, and perhaps recycling the yarn. Which means I have only one more unfinished blanket! Hooray!

Sort of.

Holidays are fast approaching, and I've assigned myself two more projects. The cheapest and fastest of the two will be a Jayne style hat for a guy I'm supposed to be Secret Santa for. He's a Firefly fan, so he may like it. More importantly, of course, *I* will enjoy making it, and it should be easy cheap and fast. The second is a pair of black socks for my "db."

As predicted, DB has discovered the joy of handknit socks. He actually ASKED for another pair! I'm stoked. Nothing, but nothing, makes me happier than being asked to make something. It's gratifying for me to receive such requests, and I can't adequately describe how content and fullfiling it is for me to create the asked-for item. It is as if I am finally being allowed to show my love for the person. All the feelings of friendship and appreciation that I hold in my heart and can never be fully expressed in words, can be spun out of my hands and handed to the recipient. Like a kind of solid, shaped poetry. A hand-made, warm hug which can be wrapped around a foot or a body.

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Celera said...

That is so sweet -- of course, you show your love for your friends in many ways. Even just knowing you online, I knew what a kind and warm person you are. Which makes a blanket the perfect expression of you, in a way.

I feel the same way cooking for friends, even just having people over. Even for a solitary person like me, sitting down with friends in a comfortable place with good food -- seems like the whole point of being alive, sometimes.