Sunday, November 05, 2006

King Size Measurements

According to the websites I've Googled, a king size mattress requires a comforter 102" wide and 90" long.

I've re-measured Fechak's Monstrosity. Somehow, it's now only 91" wide. I will swear on a stack of Bibles that this thing was at LEAST 100" wide when I started. Now, I know this, not only because I remember measuring it before the hiatus, but also because the pattern I began with (and have subsequently altered) was 42" wide. I did not double this size. No, instead of starting with a foundation chain of 118, or even 240, MY chain was 310. Three chains per inch, you see. Approximately. There is no way my stitches, which I DID test to gauge, thankyouverymuch, shrunk nearly a foot.

Imagine a frustrated blonde blowing her bangs from her eyes.

Ok, well, no way am I ripping this gargantuan behemoth back and starting all over. No way. Huh-uh. Not this little grey duck.

Ok, so. Alternatives. A normal King sized mattress is 76 x 84. The extra 2 feet is so that a foot a side will hang over the edge. This bad boy will only have 7 inches per side extra. I've decided this lapse and shortage is acceptable. If our favorite rogue has neglected to inform me of any "special" conditions of his King sized bed- California style, for example- I hereby disavow any responsibily for an ill fit.

As of this writing, the leviathan measures 90 inches wide and 63 inches long. 90" x 60. If this were a throw, it would already be oversized. But no. Only another 30 or so inches to go. Blonde does some mental math. Two-thirds done! Huzzah! The blankie may be done this winter after all.

*late night edit*

Blonde awakens with a start. Edging! A good 3 color edge trim to bring the thing all together will ALSO, miraculously, widen The Monstosity by several inches, depending on how many rows of edging I give it. I'm brilliant!

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