Tuesday, October 17, 2006


After some marathon knitting sessions, I've completed a couple items and am going to update my "to do" list.

X Helmetliner (as shown in button on the sidebar) - knit
X One pair Olive drab socks for my sailor- knit
X One pair super soft socks for Dad's BD in November- knit
To do: Aran afghan, exactly half complete - crochet
To do: Green ripple monstrosity thing, about 1/4 complete -crochet
To do: Rainbow triple crochet baby blanket, about 6 inches -crochet
To do: Baby blanket for Amy's forethcoming boychild.
To do: Dishcloth(s) for Christmas presents.

I'm taking the other helmetliners off the list for now, and replacing them with The Ships Project hats and slippers. (Well, maybe just hats. My slipper attempts aren't working out very well, and I've tried three patterns. I just don't like the way they turn out.) The reason for the charity switch? Wool is kind of pricey for me, and The Ships Project will take acrylic stuff. Also hats don't take as long.

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