Saturday, September 16, 2006

Works in Progress

In order to give myself a written record of the projects I have on the needles, in bags with hooks, and planned, so that I can keep everything straight in my head, this entry shall be a list. Pictures may or may not follow.

From most recent to eldest, in progress:

Helmetliner (as shown in button on the sidebar), 2 inches - knit
First camoflague Merino sock, 4 inches of cuff- knit
Aran afghan, exactly half complete - crochet
Green ripple monstrosity thing, about 1/4 complete -crochet
Rainbow triple crochet baby blanket, about 6 inches -crochet

Ok, I think I'm seeing a trend. Apparently I got bored with the crochet patterns and wanted to try knitting for a while. Ok, I can cope with understanding that. Next, here is what I have planned:

One pair super soft socks for Dad's BD in November.
Baby blanket for Amy's forethcoming boychild.
Dishcloth(s) for Christmas presents.
Many more helmetliners for the troops overseas.

*cracks knuckles*

That's a lot of projects. I'm pretty sure I won't finish them all real soon. So, I need to prioritize. First things first. I hereby swear, affirm, and avow that I will buy no more yarn (unless for helmet liners) until the preceeding projects (except maybe that rainbow baby blanket) are finished.

Second, what do I need to finish? Dad's socks and one more dishcloth. The dishcloth can wait, though. While it may look as though I should start Dad's socks, however, it's not so simple. First I need to finish at least one of the camo socks. This "test" sock will let me know if I can make his sock to the right size using ribbing. At that point, I should by all rights start that sock's mate, so I won't end up with just one sock. Let's pretend I finish the camo pair and Dad's pair, and move along.

Next up is the dishcloth. Then the baby blanket for Amy, then the Aran, then...

Oh, who am I kidding. I will most likely just pick up whatever seems interesting to me at the time. These helmetliners have my attention at the moment, for example, even though I am also just as interested in finishing the socks.

New stragedy: agree with myself that the socks are the first priority, and allow myself some "change" time for helmet liners and dishcloths in between days of socks, then in between days of afghans. This should alleviate boredom and keep me happy to keep working on whatever I have to. It's much too early to tell what kind of a ratio of fun stuff to stick-to-it-iveness stuff I can make myself adhere to, however. Stay tuned for updates and photos.

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