Saturday, August 12, 2006

Knitted Afghan

I had lots of Sierra Homespun left over after the Openweave monstrosity. I still couldn't tell you what made me decide to KNIT an afghan though. I know better than to knit at all, and afghans in particular. Nevertheless, the yarn clearly yelled, "Knit me!" so knit it, I did. This pattern is "Moonlight Throw" out of "Big Needle Knits for the Home" pattern book.

Well, it's sort of the pattern, anyway. Apparently there are many ways to "Yarn Over" in knitting, and the book did not specify which was required. I guess real knitters would know which one to use. The upshot is, my afghan does not look like the pretty and dainty white thing in the book, and I'm told it's because my clusters are elongated due to using the wrong form of Yarn Over.

Whatever. It's still neat looking, though you can't really make out the texture in this picture, and I'm very proud of myself for finishing a knitted afghan.

HUGE thank you to Cindy, who spent hours with me and the afghan, unraveling and re-assembling in a desperate attempt to figure out where I went wrong halfway through. I bow before you, Cindy!

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