Saturday, July 16, 2005

Rainbow Blocks

I've finally finished "Rainbow Blocks." It's from Leisure Arts Leaflet #3229, "Over the Rainbow Baby Afghans." I simply adore the design! I used Caron Soft again, in colors Off-white, Lt. Country Peach, Soft Green, Soft Blue, Soft Pink, and Orchid.


Cristin said...

This pattern is so awesome!!
Very cute!! Nice color choices too!

About your concern (little one getting tangled) -- hmm, I always have that concern with looser/open patterns but I haven't heard any complaints yet. ?? I would think that as long as baby can't get their head through the hole to choke themselves somehow, then you are probably safe. Might have a couple tangled toes and fingers, but that's not life threatening. ya know?
It's a beautiful piece!!! :)

Stephknits3 said...

After you completed the edging did that make it less "pull out"-able?

Fantastic job! I love it when crochet stitches make something very unique!

Keiyla said...

Completing the edging did not actually solve the "loops" problem. I tried stitching the sides down, and making knots in the connecting seams, and even using clear line, but all of the solutions ruined the look of the blanket. I ended up leaving it as is. I think it will be better used as a floor blanket, for the baby to lay on, or a carriage cover, rather than a blanket to wrap the baby in.

Sam said...

I LOVE this afghan! I tried making it recently (I posted my problems on c-ville) and couldn't get it to work. My gauge on each strip was measuring the exact same and # of stitches same, but the strips were still different in length by several inches. Thus the submarine starghan was born! LOL Great work on yours, its absolutely beautiful. Maybe I'll attempt it again one day.